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Are you suffering from hair loss problems? Have you ever tried all the known and unknown hair re-growth capsules and tonics but to no avail? Well, then why don’t you go for the hair transplantation? A hair transplant procedure is effective in re growing of hair in the balding spots of your head. The hair transplantation involves transplanting small hair follicles in their natural growing groups to the bald spots of your head. It is such a process that after the hair transplantation, it grows naturally. It is also known as the follicular unit transplantation. There are two different ways of extraction of the hair- the follicular unit hair transplant and the strip harvesting.

Hair Transplant Procedure

There might be small scarring at the spots of the scalp on which the hair is being transplanted. But those scarring will heal in a few weeks time. The follicular unit hair transplant has a faster rate of recovery as it is much less invasive in nature. If you are bothered about the kind of hair that you are getting is real or not, be assured that it is as real as your hair is on your scalp. There is apparently no difference in the transplanted hair and the naturally grown hair. To go for proper hair transplantation, make sure to speak and visit to a qualified surgeon who has enough experience in hair transplant and hair restoration process. In fact, finding and consulting with a qualified surgeon is the very first step towards the process of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Disadvantages

Hair transplantation is not limited to the hair on top of your head only. It can be transplanted almost all over your scalp and the eye brows as well. Live a life free of embarrassments caused by the baldness. Go for advanced hair transplant methods and restore the growth of hair today.