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The skin requires a lot of care and attention to make it look young, fresh and glowing. In order to keep the skin healthy, you need to follow a proper regimen that involves all the nutrients good for the skin. Here are a few effective measures that can make your skin glow from within and remain as young as ever.

You need to first learn about the needs of the skin and the work on it. The five basic essentials of skin care are what that make up the right regimen for the skin. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and exfoliating.

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally In A Week

Cleansing is the process of removing the accumulated dirt and other harmful foreign particles present on the skin after exposure to pollution. There are many natural cleansers that you can use for the skin like papaya pulp, mint leaves, milk, honey, etc.

You can apply the papaya pulp on your face and wash it after half an hour, grind the mint leaves and mix it with yogurt and then apply it on the skin and rinse after a few minutes. Milk and honey mixed together also make an excellent natural cleanser.

Toning is a skin care process that most of them are not aware of. This is in fact one of the best methods of keeping the skin young and healthy. When you tone your skin, you can keep aging signs like wrinkles and lines at bay. The toning process is done to stimulate the blood supply to the skin.

You can tone your skin by dabbing a piece of cotton in astringent lotion. Astringent lotion is one of the best toners available. But make sure you use only a mild lotion. Rose water is one of the natural toners and you can apply it to on your skin to tighten your skin.

If your skin is sensitive, you can make use of masked strawberries as a toner on your skin for five to ten minutes and then wash off.

Home Remedies For Glowing Skin In Summer

Apart from giving external care to your skin, it is also essential to make it healthy from within. This is possible only by including foods good for skin in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables ensure better skin and drinking lots of water also helps in keeping your skin hydrated.

Moisturizing is the next essential that your skin needs as it requires an amount of moisture to remain fresh. Some of the natural moisturizers are avocadoes, coconut oil, yogurt, etc.

Exfoliating is important to remove the dead cells from the skin. After the removal of the dead cells, the skin feels radiant and begins to glow. Some of the natural exfoliators that you can gently rub onto the skin are oatmeal, mixture of sugar and lemon, etc.